Saturday, September 02, 2017

IT'S HERE! ( Well, almost. )

Last weekend I managed to get an advance copy from the printer. After way too long not knowing where they were, I'm told the books have finally arrived in Chicago. And will be shortly making their way to me in Seattle. Apparently, there was a huge backlog on a lot of books getting out of Asia.

I know it's been a horrible wait, way too long, but assuming the books arrive next week, the only question on getting the books, coins, shirts, prints and other extras, out to you, will be how much my hands will be bleeding, as I pack them all. And I'll update as each tier going out is completed. Everything else is prepped, though I'll be needing some more packaging as I go probably.

Kickstarters are like giving birth, and I've yet to ever have one with a smooth quick labor. But soon the baby books will be making their way out into the world.