Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monocyte #3 Cover

 Finally done with the B cover to Monocyte #3! You may have seen it being done on my instagram lately. 

I've just read issue #1, since I've had the privilege to stay and work with Menton3 in his studio the last week or so, along with Kasra Ghanbari, the co-creator. It's definitely a little unique and ambitious book. I describe it as being "like Deadwood being sodomized by HR Giger in a cathedral, narrated by Tom Waits."


So anyway, in this day and age where books live and die on pre-orders, definitely check this one out. It's diamond order code is AUG110362, so go tell your local retailer you WANT it, so they order a copy. 

You can check out more on the book here and Menton's particular form of the dark arts here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wizard World Chicago!

I'm off for Wizard World Chicago tomorrow, I'll be there for the entire thing. ( And then hanging around Chicago for a bit and maybe doing one other signing, with the amazingly talented Menton3, though details are to come )

I'll be at my booth at the con almost the entire time, find me at booth 3215 with my red banner "T' logo thing.

I'll be doing commissions! Email me at bentemplesmith@gmail.com to get on the list or see me as early as you can at the con. Am likely to fill up. All info for commissions is here.


I WILL HAVE SOME COPIES OF SQUIDGIRLS WITH ME. Yes, indeed, a couple boxes worth should make it to the con by Friday or so. They're $50, come signed and with an original sketch page and fancy, personalized experience with me, idiot supreme. The power of Squid compels you, etc etc.

Also, I'll have a bunch of cheap prints. First come, first served.

I expect 3 very common questions/statements while at the con. Let me answer them for everyone in advance... though apparently nobody checks my various websites aaaanyway... :-P ( Maybe I'll just direct fans to my website here eh? )

1) What happened with FELL?


2) What did you think of the 30 Days of Night movie?

IT WAS GOOD. YAY! I'm all about comics though, not many people get the chance to have a movie made of their work, so who am I to ever diss it? It was lovely. David Slade did a fantastic job.

3) I didn't know you were going to be here!

YES, the most common of statements made to me. I have a website, the con itself has a website, lets all make glorious comic music with each other, yes?  I'll be there. With bells on. At least pants. ( I keep saying this now. Maybe one day I'll actually go pantsless and shock you all? )

Being back in the US has been a good time. I nearly didn't come back due to family & personal stuff but bugger it, there's a lot of life yet to live. Seattle and it's surrounds continue to be beautiful, now it's on to Chicago and let's win this thing. ( Just don't shoot me on the way out through the kitchens please ) Oh, and then finally NYC where I hope to loiter for possibly a good few years and mix it with some amazing artists who continue to enthuse me about comics. If you happen to have an amazing NY apartment for rent, let me know. I may also at some point be looking for an intern in said city. But beware, the interview process will be long, awkward and involve knifey spoony.

A special shout out to Julie and Damien Shanahan. ( As well as Gerick, Killian and Emma ) Finer human beings I have not met in my short insignificant life. My pseudo family this side of the Pacific. I'll be back to Seattle next year.