Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monocyte #3 Cover

 Finally done with the B cover to Monocyte #3! You may have seen it being done on my instagram lately. 

I've just read issue #1, since I've had the privilege to stay and work with Menton3 in his studio the last week or so, along with Kasra Ghanbari, the co-creator. It's definitely a little unique and ambitious book. I describe it as being "like Deadwood being sodomized by HR Giger in a cathedral, narrated by Tom Waits."


So anyway, in this day and age where books live and die on pre-orders, definitely check this one out. It's diamond order code is AUG110362, so go tell your local retailer you WANT it, so they order a copy. 

You can check out more on the book here and Menton's particular form of the dark arts here.


Oskar Iglesias said...

Wow! This is awesome!

J.E said...

Hi! I like your work ! Wonderfull !