Tuesday, September 06, 2011

France & NYCC

Wolverine final orginal 

Well, I'm about to head off to France, for a film festival in Strasbourg I'm actually on the jury for... I know, just a little bit insane. Even more so, it's with George Romero. I'm zipping all about the place, though I've just based myself in the most awesome New York City. Coming up though, is NYCC ( NEW YORK COMIC-CON HUZZAH! ) and it's going to be a big one so.... commissions wise, I'm already filling up fast so thought I'd publish my info for such things at cons. Might want to get in now before I completely fill up. email me at: bentemplesmith@gmail.com if you know what you want after reading below!

I should be in Artist Alley somewhere, almost the whole time.

First off, if you just want a quick sketch at conventions, those are absolutely free, as is the conversation! I just have to draw what I can easily...so kind of my choice so I don't get totally mentally exhausted with requests... and I love to personalize them too.

Currently not accepting commissions via online. Sorry! Got several I yet need to do and other crushing deadlines on main projects.
Commissions at US shows ( Internationally, I just do a rough conversion to euros or pounds etc )

Grey toned head sketch $80

US letter size grey toned watercolour painted 2 ( usually with a spot colour if it works ) 2 characters max: $200

US tabloid size, 11x17 inches, again, watercolour painted  ( usually with a spot colour if it works ) 2 characters max: $350

each extra character: $50

I do tend to start lists for shows before conventions, because I'm a trusting soul and can arrange to get some done a little ahead of time to fit more people in. If you know you'll be at a show and want one off me, email me: bentemplesmith@gmail.com pickup and payments at the show though. Huzzah.

Cash only at cons, cheers.

Current shows I *know* I'll be doing the rest of this year.

New York Comic-Con
Some French stuff
Thoughtbubble UK

And on festivals...If anyone wants me out at a show, just drop me a line. Have a nasty habit of usually accepting invites to conventions!

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