Sunday, December 04, 2011

Xmas Commissions

**Online commissions are now full. Sorry to those who missed out this time around!**

SO MUCH work is *almost* done & I've got to get a couple things out of the way I am hellishly late on... among them a couple commissions, so if I'm in that mode, I figure with bills to pay as Xmas approaches and a day or so set aside to take on a limited number of online commissions. All to be done & mailed before I flee the country for the sweaty festering heat of Australia.

So, with all the requests I get, now's the time to get something off me if you can never make it to a con.

I'm only taking commissions to be finished & mailed off by December 9th. Very limited slots available as I already have a few to finish. ( Some super late ones I will *finally* get done as I clean up my outstanding commitments from my annus horribilus...oh so much to clean up! )
Details below. email me at if you want anything.

Grey toned head sketch $100

US letter size grey toned watercolour painted 2 ( usually with a spot colour if it works ) 2 characters max: $250
US tabloid size, 11x17 inches, again, watercolour painted  ( usually with a spot colour if it works ) 2 characters max: $400
each extra character: $50

Postage is USPS Priority mail,  $15 for US domestic $30 for Outside the US.
Paypal only of course. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Bram Stoker's Dracula

None of that Twilight pussy shit here.
Art painted on an actual book, that came with a blank cover. Damn I love doing them.

Friday, November 25, 2011



Lord of the Tentacle, his holiness, his toothiness, the cephalopodic despot, SQUID KING. Almost out of time on ze Ebay, spare the world from his squidly wrath before the end of the night. Etc.
Hard at work, oh the things to show shortly.

Monday, November 07, 2011


People often ask me if I "paint on the computer" and many assume I do it all digitally. I love the look on people's faces when I tell them I draw everything and all the textures are either like the photo I took below or hand made and painted then scanned for later use.

I do own a cintiq, just never really used it yet since I still prefer to do things by hand.

Maybe one day.

( And huzzah, just got the blogger app so seeing how an update goes while on the bus. It'll make posting WIPs much easier! )

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Saint Lovecraft


Phew, so no update for awhile, sorry. Don't know if I'm coming or going! Far too much travel, barely any time for a new home base, though NYC continues to be one of the most amazing cities on the planet, with NYCC being a blast. Cheers all who came out to see me. May the Mighty Space Squid praise you all, etc etc.

Conventions for the year are done. Sadly had to cancel my ThoughtBubble UK  plans and all such there. Major bummer....just not enough time left in the year if I'm to actually get work done as well. Of which there is much and many many people clamoring for me to get back to things. Which finally, I am. Yes, CHOKER and FELL will see daylight sometime soonish. Sooooonish. Also a new studio set up ( I'll post pictures when it's habitable ) actually... 2 new studios... as by good luck of being a gracious human being ( or some such creature ) Menton3 will be helping me learn oil painting. If you don't know him yet, check out his new book, ( With Kasra Ghanbari, ) Monocyte, put out via IDW. Not your typical comic.

Working on some stuff I can't talk about too. Not yet, at least. Big stuff. As well as putting a few Ebay auctions up.

You can still find me in all these places, if so inclined.

facebook page
online store

So here's a few bits of art I've done lately. I'll try and resume regular updates soon with more WIPs, ( though feel free to follow me on instagram as "Templesmith" if you want to see some earlier. ) Saint Lovecraft up above, by the way, is a con exclusive print I had at NYCC.


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

France & NYCC

Wolverine final orginal 

Well, I'm about to head off to France, for a film festival in Strasbourg I'm actually on the jury for... I know, just a little bit insane. Even more so, it's with George Romero. I'm zipping all about the place, though I've just based myself in the most awesome New York City. Coming up though, is NYCC ( NEW YORK COMIC-CON HUZZAH! ) and it's going to be a big one so.... commissions wise, I'm already filling up fast so thought I'd publish my info for such things at cons. Might want to get in now before I completely fill up. email me at: if you know what you want after reading below!

I should be in Artist Alley somewhere, almost the whole time.

First off, if you just want a quick sketch at conventions, those are absolutely free, as is the conversation! I just have to draw what I can kind of my choice so I don't get totally mentally exhausted with requests... and I love to personalize them too.

Currently not accepting commissions via online. Sorry! Got several I yet need to do and other crushing deadlines on main projects.
Commissions at US shows ( Internationally, I just do a rough conversion to euros or pounds etc )

Grey toned head sketch $80

US letter size grey toned watercolour painted 2 ( usually with a spot colour if it works ) 2 characters max: $200

US tabloid size, 11x17 inches, again, watercolour painted  ( usually with a spot colour if it works ) 2 characters max: $350

each extra character: $50

I do tend to start lists for shows before conventions, because I'm a trusting soul and can arrange to get some done a little ahead of time to fit more people in. If you know you'll be at a show and want one off me, email me: pickup and payments at the show though. Huzzah.

Cash only at cons, cheers.

Current shows I *know* I'll be doing the rest of this year.

New York Comic-Con
Some French stuff
Thoughtbubble UK

And on festivals...If anyone wants me out at a show, just drop me a line. Have a nasty habit of usually accepting invites to conventions!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monocyte #3 Cover

 Finally done with the B cover to Monocyte #3! You may have seen it being done on my instagram lately. 

I've just read issue #1, since I've had the privilege to stay and work with Menton3 in his studio the last week or so, along with Kasra Ghanbari, the co-creator. It's definitely a little unique and ambitious book. I describe it as being "like Deadwood being sodomized by HR Giger in a cathedral, narrated by Tom Waits."


So anyway, in this day and age where books live and die on pre-orders, definitely check this one out. It's diamond order code is AUG110362, so go tell your local retailer you WANT it, so they order a copy. 

You can check out more on the book here and Menton's particular form of the dark arts here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wizard World Chicago!

I'm off for Wizard World Chicago tomorrow, I'll be there for the entire thing. ( And then hanging around Chicago for a bit and maybe doing one other signing, with the amazingly talented Menton3, though details are to come )

I'll be at my booth at the con almost the entire time, find me at booth 3215 with my red banner "T' logo thing.

I'll be doing commissions! Email me at to get on the list or see me as early as you can at the con. Am likely to fill up. All info for commissions is here.


I WILL HAVE SOME COPIES OF SQUIDGIRLS WITH ME. Yes, indeed, a couple boxes worth should make it to the con by Friday or so. They're $50, come signed and with an original sketch page and fancy, personalized experience with me, idiot supreme. The power of Squid compels you, etc etc.

Also, I'll have a bunch of cheap prints. First come, first served.

I expect 3 very common questions/statements while at the con. Let me answer them for everyone in advance... though apparently nobody checks my various websites aaaanyway... :-P ( Maybe I'll just direct fans to my website here eh? )

1) What happened with FELL?


2) What did you think of the 30 Days of Night movie?

IT WAS GOOD. YAY! I'm all about comics though, not many people get the chance to have a movie made of their work, so who am I to ever diss it? It was lovely. David Slade did a fantastic job.

3) I didn't know you were going to be here!

YES, the most common of statements made to me. I have a website, the con itself has a website, lets all make glorious comic music with each other, yes?  I'll be there. With bells on. At least pants. ( I keep saying this now. Maybe one day I'll actually go pantsless and shock you all? )

Being back in the US has been a good time. I nearly didn't come back due to family & personal stuff but bugger it, there's a lot of life yet to live. Seattle and it's surrounds continue to be beautiful, now it's on to Chicago and let's win this thing. ( Just don't shoot me on the way out through the kitchens please ) Oh, and then finally NYC where I hope to loiter for possibly a good few years and mix it with some amazing artists who continue to enthuse me about comics. If you happen to have an amazing NY apartment for rent, let me know. I may also at some point be looking for an intern in said city. But beware, the interview process will be long, awkward and involve knifey spoony.

A special shout out to Julie and Damien Shanahan. ( As well as Gerick, Killian and Emma ) Finer human beings I have not met in my short insignificant life. My pseudo family this side of the Pacific. I'll be back to Seattle next year.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm not dead.

Yes, I know it's seemed like it for quite some time but honest, I'm not dead. ( Well, yet. ) Had to go offline to deal with a few things, none pleasant and being offline becomes strangely addicting. Now to actually attempt to pick up the shambles of existence and go find my pink elephant. I'm sure I'll be back to bitch and moan on a regular basis soon but for now, San Diego Comic Con 2011 is upon us, with all it's musky geekery, sweaty crowds of people just there for the free movie promotional trinkets and to offer B grade celebrities the odd blowjob.

I'll be there, thanks to the fine folks of Gestalt Comics, like the poster says. Come say hi. Bring alcohol. ( No, actually, please don't. )

Friday, April 22, 2011


Ghost Rider

So, bloody eventful year so far, with more to come. Some of it keeping me from the work I should be doing sadly, so I'm back down in Australia for a bit to focus and get some things back in order. I haven't been putting the work first for rather a long time, so that needs to change. Yes, unbelievably, like a ferret reading braille I'll actually start posting art to the blog again!

Oh, and sadly, I've had to cancel some convention appearances. Comicpalooza in Houston, Calgary, Heroes Con in Charlotte and Albuquerque Comic Expo. Which sucks but had to be done. Hopefully I'll do them next year. Instead, if the Squid God is kind, ( mostly he isn't actually ) I should be at the Sydney and Perth Supanova's instead. So I'll still be about.

And still planning on hitting San Diego Comic-con.

I recently did a BUNCH of conventions though. Chicago, Kansas, Melbourne and Brisbane. All of them quite fantastique. Here's a bunch of art/commissions I did during them.

*might* actually take on a few online ones soon, but a lot of other work ( and several promised commissions I'm behind on ) have to come first still!

Want more? Then check out my account for the special stuff. Going up momentarily.

A bit of a Joke

Constantine and Manthing

Deathly ladies with sharp thingies

Thursday, March 17, 2011

C2E2 Ahoy


Alrighty! I'm off to C2E2 today. I'll have Squidgirls, some Wormwood, Hoxford, original art and of course sketches and commissions! All the info you need for those can be found here on my other blog.

I'll be spending the entire time of the con ( well, except for a panel on SATURDAY AT 1PM and bathroom breaks, at the COMICS PIPELINE BOOTH 617. NOT artist alley this year. I'll be right by Marvel and stuff. Rather new experience for me.

So come by, say hi, I'll sign anything you got and enjoy the chats with the people insane enough to buy my work!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When you work on your own comics, how do you work? Do you write a script before you start drawing, or do you do both at the same time?

I write a basic plot outline, then write pure dialogue, all by hand, then layout the entire book, then draw it, then finally after all that, I actually type up the dialogue and cut it up so someone else can actually letter the thing, because they can't peer directly into my head.

Ask me anything

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Emerald City Comic-con And on to C2E2

Live art at the Noc Noc! Come watch myself and other talented artists paint.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out for the always awesome Emerald City Comic-con. Between the stresses of still only being half moved with all my proper con stuff in boxes, a longish commute to the con and sickness and lack of sleep it turned out really well and I hope everyone had a blast. ECCC is always so comics focused and friendly and the live art event thrown by Molly McIsaac on the Friday was really a highlight... and looks to become some sort of annual thing now for the show.


Next up I'll be heading to C2E2, assuming I make it through a mountain of things I need to get done first!

Here's what you need to know...


I'll be there all three days.

I'll always be located at the COMICSPIPELINE BOOTH: booth #617 ( So scream that as loud as you can at the internet for everyone because I get so many questions and later, at con, so many people saying "I didn't know you were even going to be at the show!" Huzzah etc! )

COMMISSIONS INFO can be found on my blog. Yes, email me anytime now and I'll put you on the list/try to get ahead so I can fit as many people in as I can.

I'll sign as many books as I can, obviously, so don't feel bad if you bring a bunch. Don't limit yourself to just one. That's horribly thoughtful of you nice folks but I can sign a few more than that.

Quick sketches ( of vampire heads/zombies/skulls/my choice only so I can stay sane ) are always free, as is a quick chat. ( Though I tend to get loopy at the end so witty humour may start getting lost to me on Sunday! )

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Commissions and San Francisco!

Yup, I'll be up in San Francisco, most importantly doing this live art thing for the Noisepop Festival with DJ Samsupa and ALSO... this here thing below for ISOTOPE COMICS, only the best store I've basically ever been to.

This year, I *won't* be at WONDERCON sadly ( I'll be on another continent instead ) so if anyone wanted a commission off me, I'm taking some in advance of the SF trip and can deal with them at the Isotope event, where I'll be chatting/sketching/drinking the whole time. I'll also have a very limited number of SQUIDGIRLS: EROTICA TENTACULA on hand, for personalizations and sketchings in. This'll probably be the only time I'll be up to SF for the foreseeable, so come on out and see how great sequential art and the people who love it can be.

Details for commissions and such can be located here and drop me a note about what you want at bentemplesmith @ I really need to consolidate lots of info into something manageable, I know. When I eventually get time to breathe...


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Wormwood!

Ok, almost new...the really really new stuff is coming too. Yet again, Wormwood Volume 01 has sold out, so it had to go back to print and it's finally back in stores today. And yes, retailers can actually order it again too. PLUS, with a new Wormwood miniseries out eventually this year, there's new life in the old corpse yet I hope.

I even did a new cover for it. Got really sick of the old, first cover I ever did for a Wormy trade. Hope people think this one is just as good. A bit more in sync with the others.

You can buy it from all the usual places, IDW, and Amazon as well. Support your godly local retailer first if you can though.

Wormwood Gentleman Corpse Volume 1

Wormwood Gentleman Corpse Volume 1

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Curse of Four

Curse of Four- Caitlin Kittredge

So I did this image for a book cover for Caitlin Kittredge's new thang, "Curse of Four" from Subterranean Press. One of my favourite images I've done in a long while actually.

It's up on her blog now, so am guessing it's all right for me to plug it and of course, check out her website!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Plans for 2011 so far

The T

Alright you lot, apologies for lack of updating. Been off doing things, traveling and making so many plans, including moving city/state to Seattle. And it's not over yet so things may be a little sporadic for awhile. BUT...

In response to a lot of queries and questions, this is what's going on and I'm going to point you all here for the info.


Is coming! Got to work madly on it now. Will be solicited for July, more info to come and there's already a sneak peek on my tumblr.


Yes, amazingly, there's a new, full script for issue 10 and it's a spiffy one from Warren. I'm starting on that this month too. Right now it has to fit in with all the other crap I've got going on but it'll get done soonish. It feels really good to finally have a different answer to the classic "So when will there be more FELL?" question. The answer is SOON.


WILL be finished, Ben is working on the final script for issue 6 right now.


This one I'm getting into now too, script is coming along and I'll be fitting it around the other stuff. Yes, I'm a busy boy. Really got to get my arse moving on this one.


Ok, so here's how the first half of the year is looking so far. Still doing a lot of travel and hopefully meeting all the cool people who amazingly support my work.

NOISE POP- February 27th I'll be down at the festival, doing some live art, specifically of FELL, along with DJ Samsupa.
It's a free event at the festival, so come on down. and YES, wil be doing a signing/event thingy at Isotope comics with the insanely good James Sime and co. there'll be a signing and some Squidgirls for sale. I can do a small number of commissions to be picked up/paid for at the signing if there's demand as well. Email me to get on the rather short list for such things. ( bentemplesmith @ )


Yes, I'll be there. Yes, I'll be doing commissions and should have some Squidgirls for sale too. I'll be found in artists alley somewhere, wherever the big red banner with my "T" is basically.


Yes, I'll be there. Yes, I'll be doing commissions and should have some Squidgirls for sale. I'll be able to be found at the COMICS PIPELINE booth the entire con.

And further on, all these cons are ones I'm pretty much committed to for now. Because I am insane, apparently. International stuff to come:

Planet Comic Con, Kansas City
Supanova Comic Cons, Brisbane & Melbourne
Comicpalooza, Houston
Heroes Con, Charlotte
Calgary Expo in uh, Calgary
Albuquerque Comic Expo
ZomBcon, Seattle
San Diego Comic-Con
New York Comic-Con

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Is there such thing as "pretentious" artist?

Yes, absolutely.

You see it in "fine art" especially with the recent spate of them ripping off commercial artists and calling their "reproductions" "found art" or some such. Meaning in art is a lovely thing but honestly, it's really about how pretty and aesthetically pleasing something is at the end of the day. I miss the days of actual technical proficiency that'd go along with the long winded "explanations" for their art too. I appreciate most art, as I appreciate the beauty, even in the ugly side of life... but I really wish decent figurative art would make a come back.

Banksy, now, there's an artist who at least for awhile had real meaning and social commentary to his work.

In my opinion, the worst offenders of "pretentious" artists are some musicians, who rate their own work far too highly and go on and on in such serious ways...when the intelligent people in the room know they're simply derivative of many a musician before them, or even worse, are a creation and simply a front for corporate blandness sold as "edgy" and "new" when it's been written by committee and the singer mimes the words and looks pretty. People who don't even write their own music are not musicians, they're taking part in some shallow commercial karaoke business. Yeah, musicians, when you've written a piece that captures the mood of the times and affects a generation or becomes their voice, then you can take yourself uber seriously. Odds are though, those talented folks are just humble and like to write and acknowledge that it's luck of the draw as to what sticks. You're not all David Bowie. You're not all Nick Drake. ( Nick Drake impersonators are the funniest to me. )

To me, art, all art should first and foremost be a creative outlet that makes the creator happy. Sod anything else. Sod all the extra layers of meaning you want to add to try and make yourself "serious". Just have fun, make something beautiful and
hopefully many others will also agree. And by beautiful, I don't mean happy. By al lmeans, share your sadness with the world too. Don't fluff yourself up as if it's some deep thing. It's not. Unless you watched your heroin junkie parents parents die in a burning car wreck and were then raised by an abusive step uncle named Jeff, living with the demons he got while off fighting in some war that damaged his brain and the depleted uranium shriveled his testes and made him a eunuch...then you're probably just a middle class effete bastard play acting at such things. Don't take yourself so seriously. Because I won't. It's either pretty to look at/listen to or it isn't. "Meaning" ( pretention ) is too often used to cover up for lack of quality. I crack up when I hear musicians get interviewed and droll on and on about the importance of a certain piece or blah blah blah. Especially when they've got a 100 million in the bank. Yes, you have it so tough, please share your troubles with us. Same for you, Damian Hirst.

End angry old man rant. I tend not to like pretentious holier than thou types. Or as we call them, wankers.

Ask me anything. Typing actual english words helps though.

Friday, January 07, 2011



Not entirely sure if this one'll see print but here's a bunch of work in progress shots as it shaped up.

& yeah, the Christmas special was rather sappy & spiffy at the same time, wasn't it.










Tuesday, January 04, 2011

CHOKER 5 is almost here

Image have a large preview up so go check it out!

Yeah yeah, I know the book has slipped... it's been the bane of my existence in 2010, constantly on my mind, constantly *almost* done, just with other crap coming up that pushed it back just a little further. Ben should have #6 script finished soon so I can get cracking on the last issue hopefully and then it's going to make a mighty fine TPB. It'll be big too. I usually only stick to 4 issue miniseries, because a 6 month slog is a lot more draining than only a 3rd of the year commitment... and I've set myself the goal of 3 miniseries this year, plus some smaller projects. ( So at least 10 issues worth of stuff, plus if all goes well, a whole bunch of paintings for things. )

Just need to get settled, get contented and get focused on working again. Huzzah!


Monday, January 03, 2011

Last Year...

Sort of started off shit, & decided to stay that way for much of the year. Between being T-boned & being incredibly lucky to walk away with just really bad bruising, missing out on an international acting role in an advertising campaign playing *myself*, divorce, finances being all locked up, lost cats, losing pets for good, complete loss of privacy on some correspondences, temporary paralysis ( *thankfully* temporary! ), having people threaten to sue me ( Nothing real that couldn't have been defended easily enough but who needs the headache ) generally arsing up my deadlines and plans because of the other things and crazy stuff like a mentally unstable fan type claiming the last 8 years of my life have all been a sham & about ulterior motives... yeah, it was fun. You certainly find out a lot about yourself.

Last Year

But there was some good stuff too... I did get asked to be part of a campaign, as myself, to flog a cellphone of some kind, even if I couldn't do it due to US visa travel restrictions...I should really add that to the "good" column. WORMWOOD was basically the biggest thing on the Sony PSP on the comics front for the longest time, constantly being in the top ten and at times being number 1. CHOKER did amazingly well ( and will eventually be finished, I'm currently waiting on the final script and the second last issue is about to hit stores ) I self published my first art book, Squidgirls, I stood on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, where my career began at a place called Barrow, I got to travel to so many places, like the UK, Spain, France and had my first ( hopefully not last ) real exhibition, in Paris. And I met a girl named Molly, whom I'd met a few times before and fiiinally decided to remember... I also met some amazing new friends, & learned the value of some older ones, so there's that too. And of course, I owe a huge thanks to fans and new readers alike who picked up anything I did last year. Cheers guys.

Slowly getting back to the work, hopefully under control soon. ( Yes, I know I've been horrible at getting back to people and getting on top of things, ) As with the rest of life. I always bite off more than I can chew ( or draw ) ....and a lot of interesting things are planned this year More travel is planned for this year, with conventions and festivals in Australia ( where I am right now ), the UK, Poland and obviously, around the US, though not as many as last year at this point. Moving to an entirely new city and new life in the US and if I don't like that, well, being a hermit on the side of a mountain in NZ or Tasmania sounds good too.
So come on 2011. Show me your worst. 2010 didn't break me, so let's see what you've got.

Art and stuff on the blog again soon, oh yes. ( And that pic? It's from my French gallery Exhibition at Gallery Maghen )