Sunday, December 04, 2011

Xmas Commissions

**Online commissions are now full. Sorry to those who missed out this time around!**

SO MUCH work is *almost* done & I've got to get a couple things out of the way I am hellishly late on... among them a couple commissions, so if I'm in that mode, I figure with bills to pay as Xmas approaches and a day or so set aside to take on a limited number of online commissions. All to be done & mailed before I flee the country for the sweaty festering heat of Australia.

So, with all the requests I get, now's the time to get something off me if you can never make it to a con.

I'm only taking commissions to be finished & mailed off by December 9th. Very limited slots available as I already have a few to finish. ( Some super late ones I will *finally* get done as I clean up my outstanding commitments from my annus horribilus...oh so much to clean up! )
Details below. email me at if you want anything.

Grey toned head sketch $100

US letter size grey toned watercolour painted 2 ( usually with a spot colour if it works ) 2 characters max: $250
US tabloid size, 11x17 inches, again, watercolour painted  ( usually with a spot colour if it works ) 2 characters max: $400
each extra character: $50

Postage is USPS Priority mail,  $15 for US domestic $30 for Outside the US.
Paypal only of course. 

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Clarence Dass said...

I have a lot of favorite artists - but no one else draws like you man.

Awesome as always!