Friday, November 30, 2007

A vid for the weekend

Because sleep wins.

Currently on the work desk 52

You really don't want to know.

It is now friday night.

Currently trying to finish 14 pages, many of which you can see strewn about the desk here. Another thing I tend to do is literally throw my pens around when I'm finished with one and need another, creating a nice mess.

Really busy, so won't be able to devote the several hours needed to all the emails I need to get to until these damn things are done!

Fell #9, you bloody end tonight or I die trying.




And...some much needed inspiration, to remind me how good some people are, and how far I have yet to go. Picked this up in France, thanks to the amazing people at Album, and dammit, the French have some of the best art I've ever seen in books like this.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Currently on the work desk 51

No time no time. Just work work work right now.

Yes, first ones are some raw FELL pages.


Work journal page layouts.


half done Wormwood


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sketching Videos

...or more accurately, " How to draw badly at a convention real quick"

From Salon du Valenciennois last week, thanks to

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The sketch post...

Yes, despite all the drinking and fun times in France, I actually worked a lot. It seemed expected there that you do rather good sketches, for free ( well I pretty much always do them for free anyway ) but all up I must have done over 100 "decent" sketches, and used up most of my pens by the final signing. It was actually a lot of work. Here's a few that I remembered to grab photos of, or that I considered photo worthy. Oh and Warren, based on my anecdotal evidence over there, FELL seemed hugely popular. ( It's just that the sketches of Fell were pretty generic and boring so there's none here )

After this, back to work. Yes, I know I have a lot of email to catch up on, and deadlines. Wormwood will undoubtedly be a bit behind because of all the recent travel, so from here until X-mas it will be pretty much nonstop work blog. Do you guys prefer straight work blog or more "doco of the life of idiot Templesmith and his travels"? Let me know one way or the other I guess.I consider my work my life so it's all relevant.

FELL nearly done with #9.

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, Calamari Rising well on the way.

Deadspace....starting soon.

Some big new projects I have planned...starting soon too.

And now, the sketches...














The alcohol post.

Mostly because I apparently have a reputation to uphold, and because it may be of interest to alcoholics, but here's a bunch of the booze I was consuming while there. I dunno, perhaps Warren will find it amusing. There's about 20 bottles of Heinekin and Amstel missing though, and a couple bottles of Champagne. Not bad for 5 days I think. I was in France, so I was going to get as much wine as I could, what can I say. Most of it was excellent. If this bores you I have some of the sketches I did for people up next...

Album know how to treat you well. VERY well.


This was in Caen. Yes, it's in an orange juice bottle because it's home brew. Made from apples apparently, and about 70% proof ( though they "mature" it and bring it down to 50% ) Forget the french name of it unfortunately, but it's like drinking rocket fuel to too much of this one for me.


I got to enjoy the way the French do coffee. Short sharp shots of the stuff.


Jim Mahfood insisted on being in this one.







Ma Finale De la France

Last night was in Paris, and I head on down to one of the best stores I've seen, Album. If you're ever in Paris, check them out. Geek heaven. They're a pro operation and some of the nicest people work there! ( Hello Jeanne and big Dav! )



I signed and sketched from 3pm to 8pm, and these photos might make it seem there was no one there...I was told the store cleared out for my signing and they made everyone line up outside and only let them in one by one! At least it wasn't too cold. Only did about 20-25 sketches this time. Turnout probably would have been higher but the strikes means not many people were out that day. Ah well.



Last but not least, Album are now one of the few stores in the world with a limited supply of the new mini artbook, Poppycock. I'll probably have some for sale online in the future, but for now, they're going to be hard to get. There's only 250 of them anyway.


After that, it's time to have a good night on the booze. Champagne in particular, with an ol buddy Arni, his lady and the crazy Jeanne ( good crazy, not bad crazy ) and big Dav. You can't beat drinking in a nice bar in Paris with soft porn playing for no apparent reason on the plasma screen next to you. Sure makes for good conversation.

The next day I did a bunch of French media including a few TV channels ( for the movie I guess but it was great, they actually loved talking about the comics just as different from the singular focus of the anglo-american media! ) 30 Days of Night will be out there in January unfortunately...ages away.

All up, had a blast. Seriously thinking France might be a place to live in for awhile in the future at some point, who knows! Once you get over the language thing, the French are as as warm and friendly as Americans ( who previously I thought were the friendliest of people I've ever met ) Maybe I just got lucky, so will have to go back to confirm sometime.

There are some perks to doing comicbooks for a living I tell you. Makes the long nights at the drawing desk worth it sometimes.

So Long Grandpa.

You will not be missed.

KEVIN Rudd will be prime minister of Australia with John Howard phoning Mr Rudd to concede defeat.

Mr Howard has left his home at Kirribilli House and is on his way to the Wentworth Hotel where is expected to publicly concede defeat to the nation.

Mr Howard also faces the prospect of losing his Sydney seat of Bennelong. The seat is currently too close to call.

Many of Mr Howard's ministers look like casulaties of the election.

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Vid for the Weekend

Haven't done one in awhile so here it is. Enjoy.

Japanese toilet training. Need I say more?

France Part 2

Was About a 3 hour drive to Caen, up in Normandy. Where I was apparently to stay overnight and do a signing for a small local store where the guy is apparently a huge fan. Jean-Marie was one of the nicest blokes too. ( And Stuart, his driver and sometime translator too )

Caen is big. Has buildings, cars, people. You know, the usual. Very pretty though.


Being the history nut I am...I couldn't resist the urge to ask to see William the Conquerors tomb, since it was 5 minutes up the road. For those of you that don't know...go look up what the Normans did to England after a certain Battle of Hastings. Bill had quite the influence on my heritage. I was doing the two finger salute the whole time in France too. Heh.


The store. ( Or Library, as they say in France. ) Jam packed with cool French books it was. I got to keep some.


I didn't actually sign there though, instead at a cool little warehouse artspace down the street. Complete with a bar too. So I was right at home. Never thought my work would be worth putting on a pedestal...


Signing and sketching from 3pm to 9pm. Also, 5 beers.


Shutup, apparently it's what they do in the North of France. Jean-Marie insisted.


On the walls...Zombie hooker photo exhibition. I kid you not!


And then it was off to Paris...

France Part 1

Ok, so gradually adjusting back. The jetlag always gets me on the trip home, Whenever going to any place. No idea why. Always feels like I'm hit by a mack truck and need a few days to get back to full consciousness ( or what passes it for me, as I rarely come out of my rather dazed semi-coherent Australian state of mind. )

France was a lot of fun. At first I hadn't wanted to go, since I'd only been home 5 days or so out of the last 5 weeks, and my buddies had all unfortunately pulled out of the show at the last minute...but in the end, I had a blast and the people over there were some of the nicest, warmest people I've ever met.

Here's a brief rundown of what I got up to then.

After 15 hours in the air on a flight from Singapore ( after a 5 hour flight from Perth already ) they put us on the tarmac in Paris and then bussed us in to the terminal. It was 0 degrees. Nice. Bit of a rude shock for a bloke who'd been in asia and 38 degrees in Australian summer previously.


After being picked up, it was off to Valenciennes, for the convention. Was kinda small, but very pretty place indeed. It's in the north, closer to Brussels than Paris really.


The convention was smallish, but alas with the transport strikes smaller than it really should have been. ( This was before it was open to the public wasn't that small. I must've done about 50 full sketches for people while there for a steady stream of people at the table.


One thing they did that I definitely want to start a tradition with in the US is begin the con with a few bottles of Champaign. Yeah...I think all us pros could get used to that. San Diego, Preview Night. Sound good everyone? I have to try and organize something for peeps I know as I should be living downtown by next year...

Anyways, Valenciennes! L to R, some idiot ( me ), the awesome Jim Mahfood, the equally dapper Brian Haberlin, one of our French handlers and all around nice guy David, and finally, the super nice James Turner, illustrator and sometime comic artist with SLG, from Canada.

They put us up in a casino! I can't complain. I don't gamble. Just didn't expect it for a small town in France. Huge thanks to Franck and David, for the con, the drive up there and the general good time we all had. And Jim, his photographer buddy Jeff, Brian and James were also great company.


Next Templesmith was off to Caen...

Back from France...

Still in zombie jetlag state, trying to reboot my brain.

No internet for the majority of the trip unfortunately, for one reason or another.

Had a blast, met so many great people. Comics are treated differently over there too, I can tell you that. Considering living there!

Full update shortly, but for now, I need to get myself together. Going to be absolute hell trying to finish way too much work before Xmas rolls around.

And amazingly, there may even be some art for once. Since, you know, I draw a little. Must've done about 100 sketches while there, and photographed a few.


Friday, November 16, 2007

In Country

Ok, made it to France. Only took 20 hours or so! Sadly, Ash Wood couldn't make it. Came down with ebola or something equally as bad from the sound of it, so hope he improves soon. He will be missed here! Ash is big in France, but alas some things are unavoidable.

Everything is super nice thus far, and they have already plied me with wine and Belgian beer and I've not even gone out for the evenings events...

Thus, when I recover, tomorrow morning or tonight I shall update the blog with some images and what not.

BTW, did I mention how awesome it is to be a citizen of the EU? Kicks arse it does. Just zip on through with my passport and nothing else and they let you in, easy as pie. Unlike the prisoner experience at LAX! ( Or even Australia )

Aaaah, days like these I appreciate being a dual national, yessiree.

Drink now.

More later.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

By the way...FELL news

Currently working on the last pages needed to complete issue 9. Yes, that's right, it's actually going to come out. The France trip is stringing it out a little, but the book should be complete shortly...and then some time soon make it into your hot little hands.

Warren, as per usual, knocked this one out of the park.( or whatever it is the Americanskis say )

So yes, more FELL. SOON.


Currently on the Desktop 50 & Off to France