Thursday, November 01, 2007

Meanwhile in the hotel room...

Hehe. Look what I saw on TV in the hotel room the other day. Quite surreal. One thing I've discovered from all this stuff is that i like wearing suits...yeah, I'm going to become a "suit guy"...which will set me apart in San Diego where wearing just a t-shirt immediately makes people consider you overdressed.




Be nice if they'd actually send me my award though. They just took them off us soon as we got backstage with little explanation apart from "we'll mail them out to you". No idea if they even have my address.

Spent the day doing phone press in the hotel room basically. I still don't have my voice fully back, having almost lost it the last few days.

Just got sent a link to an interview I did for some aussie press too for IGN as the movie get's ready to hit over there. Read it for some exclusive FELL news though. Typically, the media have trouble with things that don't fit into their neat little packages of understanding ( who'd have ever thought that, for a profession that's meant to be all about investigative fact finding and the disseminating of information to people? ). Or maybe it's just lazy production people...who knows. Either way, I'm apparently listed as the "writer" a ways down the piece for 30 Days, so ignore that obviously. Hopefully it's soon fixed in the interests of factual reality!

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