Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Manila update 1

Ok, two things have thus far happened on my trip.

1. I have had much fun. Doing a quick little signing, a special movie screening and then another signing and generally meeting cool people especially at Fullybooked.

2 Almost lost my voice. Today I've mostly had off, recuperating, and it's still only half back.

Manila is a cool place. Although the traffic seems as bad as Southern California on a bad day.


Oh yeah, on a quick side note, picked up my first ever pirate copy of 30 Days of Night the movie in Thailand, less than a week after it'd been out in the US pretty much. Crazy. But look! How nice! They still note it's based on the graphic novel! Huzzah!


Fullybooked in the Philippines. 5 levels of book store purpose build goodness. Quite possibly the most amazing, best bookstore I've ever seen. Leaves all the big brand names for dead anywhere else I've ever been. And the GN selection is impressive. Need to gloat myself on the artbooks before I leave.




So far I've been interviewed by the biggest tv station in the country, and also by MTV Philippines.


Did I mention Fullybooked has plenty of copies of 30 Days of Night in stock? If you're in the country and want one signed ( and personalized if I'm there ) then come on down.


0photo452.jpg well as a few copies of this other little critically acclaimed book...


Stuck in traffic on EDSA, this is so far the only movie poster I've seen.


After the screening, they had me sign a bunch of books. For some reason, everything comes with floral arrangements here. How suitable to the subject matter I must say.


Cheers to everyone who came by for it. Looking forward to seeing more of you in store later perhaps!


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