Friday, October 26, 2007

The Week That Was 3

All this week I'll be re-running my chronicle of what I got up to recently, which was over on the Powells blog last week in case any of you guys missed it, I was diligently blogging about my escapades for a week and a bit over there. ( which is pretty amazing sometimes considering the state I was in. )



That about sums up how I feel right now. Need water. Need painkillers. Need more sleep too.

Yesterday was very strange. But I guess that is to be expected. A day of first for me. Fist movie premiere, first tv studio interview ( hopefully last, as I don’t really like that sort of thing to be honest ) and even my first manicure ( shutup! )

Anyways, not going to waffle so much today. The head won’t let me. So here’s a brief rundown on the highlights with accompanying pictures.

Morning coffee. Yes, approximately 8 are needed. David Slade, Mark Rendell and I did each others portraits at the café.


My first weird thing for the day. Fox News interview, along with Steve Niles on the comic. I have no idea wh the tissues are there. It’s not Oprah…I’m thinking it has more to do with the “gentlemans club” across the street from Fox??


Then it’s off to a meeting at Jim Henson’s Studios. ( no, not *with* Jim Henson Studios, just over there ) Suffice to say it was very cool…and you gus may be hearing more about things discussed there years form now if all goes amazingly well.


Then, the limo arrives.We’ll have about 10 people in the thing.


We are highly amused.

But were dressed up. Me on the left, David on the right.


Surprisingly, on the red carpet, I have my picture taken, and the tv people want to yap my ear off. Very cool stuff…though the same question 20 different times gets a little tough. I tell a reporter dressed badly as a dog that I’m Australian and find dogs sexually attractive. I think he gets upset I won’t play the straight man to his strange getup. Oh well.


After the movie ( bloody amazing by the way. I think I’m in shock as I leave the theatre )
It’s off to the after party. They kick us out early ( 12:30am wtf? ) then it’s over to a hotel for everyone who’s from the movie and interested….and then they kick us out early too, so it’s off to Josh Hartnett’s room for some final drinks and talks.

Now, if you know who this bloke is soon as the movie hits, you’ll be wondering why my face wasn’t bitten off. Yeah, I play with fire, but honestly in real life he’s a lovely chap!


And last but not least, on the way back to the limo and home, who should be outside the hotel but the paparazzi, waiting to catch a celeb pass wind or something. Whatever gets them and their trash magazines happy I guess.


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Sinobyte76 said...

Congrats, Ben!! 30 Days of Night has been one my favorite comics and I couldn't wait to see the film. I was actually scared to see the film, fearing Hollywood would once again destroy a great concept, but I was very happy to find they did a great job this time. I was blown away, great film, great artwork!!! Congrats!!