Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This makes me happy. Doctor Who news

My favourite villains are back.

Monster role for Young Ones star (Series Four spoiler!)

Christopher Ryan, best known for playing super-cool Mike in the classic comedy series The Young Ones, is set for a guest-starring role in an upcoming Series Four adventure.
Ryan will play a Sontaran leader in the story, due to begin filming in the next few weeks.
"I'm absolutely delighted to be appearing in this new Doctor Who," Chris revealed. "The last time I appeared in Doctor Who was in 1986, Colin Baker was the Doctor and I was still a Young One."
The story in question was the Trial Of A Time Lord, where Chris starred as the slug-like Mentor Kiv alongside Trevor Laird, who played Martha's dad in 2007.
If you know your Who lore, the Sontarans will need no introduction. If you're a newer viewer, however, you may not know that the Sontarans are amongst the greatest villains from the classic series of Doctor Who.
A military, warlike species, able to clone vast armies of themselves, the Sontarans are locked into an eternal struggle with their enemies the Rutans.
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