Friday, October 12, 2007

Poppycock Sketchbooks and stuff

Prepping for the little show yesterday and today at the awesome Secret Headquarters in LA. ( for details check their site or the right hand side of my website here )

Apparently pieces are already selling and the thing hasn't even opened yet...crazy people! But thanks a ton too.

The sketchbooks look amazing ( took delivery of em yesterday ) and they'll make their debut tonight at the show thing for $12.50 as a special price. Signed, in colour and b/w 32 pages of ladies bits and "leprotica". There's only 250 of the buggers, the rest making their way with me to places like the Philippines and France, and if any are left ultimately online probably, though that'll be awhile.


Here's a piece all framed up and ready at the store. To everyone going, hope you dig it! There'll be a good representation of my work over the last couple of years including Wormwood, 30 Days of Night and a bunch of other things.


And here's some raccoons...first I'm I've ever seen any. Shutup, they're exotic to me. All I get is Kangaroos in the backyard!


Posting from here on out may be a little sporadic, ( especially depending how late the art show hijinks go ) and from next week I'll be guest blogging on the books website during the 30 Days of Night movie premiere, so I'll be posting links to my bloggings there next week.

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