Sunday, November 11, 2007

Manila Part 2

Manila was a lot of fun. Never guessed I'd end up signing so much ( over 1000 TPB's and artbooks of which over half were sold while I was actually there ). In the space of several days I did Karaoke twice, lost my voice once, almost twice, did a bunch of signings at the malls, the stores, did live radio and spoke at a university.

I think I caught a weird virus from the overall trip I'm still recovering from. Mucus and phlegm appears to be gaining consciousness and crawling out of my orifices or something.

Ahem, anyways...

A badly quick sketch of Ms Medusa while at one of the cinemas.

Signing books at the mega store of FullyBooked, with a large line. ( Though where I get hundreds, Neil Gaiman, who has been here before and will soon be again literally gets thousands like the rockstar he is.)

Don't think they knew I was coming.

Yup. "Nurock". But they played radiohead and Sigur Ros for me after the interview.

Doing live radio in Manila. This is the awesome Quark. Real name. Parents big fans of physics apparently. Told him if he has a daughter to name hr Neutrino.

At the university. Bloody big. Pity it's just to hear me talk. I wasn't nervous at all.

half full before the "talk".

My ugly mug. Photo by Paul Austria. Cheers man.

So after the university, the pressure was off. Here's a bit of what else you should get up to when in Manila...

Poker table in Karaoke room. They know how to do it here.

The bloody woman follows me everywhere. Even on the way to the bathroom at karaoke.

Red Horse.20% proof or so I'm told. One on the right is the special one, even more potent. Only one of those in every 24 pack.

On another night...Knowing the words is always a good idea. Rock Karaoke at a cool bar called Mag+Net actually owned and run by the previously mentioned Quark.

Apparently I do backup vocals too. These photos will no doubt come back to haunt me for years to come. But what else are Australian comicbook artists meant to do when they're on the road? Was a lot od fun. Thanks to Jaime ( Fullybooked kingpin ) and Tals and Nat, Miggy and everyone else I met during my stay and had to put up with me.

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