Friday, November 23, 2007

France Part 2

Was About a 3 hour drive to Caen, up in Normandy. Where I was apparently to stay overnight and do a signing for a small local store where the guy is apparently a huge fan. Jean-Marie was one of the nicest blokes too. ( And Stuart, his driver and sometime translator too )

Caen is big. Has buildings, cars, people. You know, the usual. Very pretty though.


Being the history nut I am...I couldn't resist the urge to ask to see William the Conquerors tomb, since it was 5 minutes up the road. For those of you that don't know...go look up what the Normans did to England after a certain Battle of Hastings. Bill had quite the influence on my heritage. I was doing the two finger salute the whole time in France too. Heh.


The store. ( Or Library, as they say in France. ) Jam packed with cool French books it was. I got to keep some.


I didn't actually sign there though, instead at a cool little warehouse artspace down the street. Complete with a bar too. So I was right at home. Never thought my work would be worth putting on a pedestal...


Signing and sketching from 3pm to 9pm. Also, 5 beers.


Shutup, apparently it's what they do in the North of France. Jean-Marie insisted.


On the walls...Zombie hooker photo exhibition. I kid you not!


And then it was off to Paris...

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