Saturday, November 24, 2007

The alcohol post.

Mostly because I apparently have a reputation to uphold, and because it may be of interest to alcoholics, but here's a bunch of the booze I was consuming while there. I dunno, perhaps Warren will find it amusing. There's about 20 bottles of Heinekin and Amstel missing though, and a couple bottles of Champagne. Not bad for 5 days I think. I was in France, so I was going to get as much wine as I could, what can I say. Most of it was excellent. If this bores you I have some of the sketches I did for people up next...

Album know how to treat you well. VERY well.


This was in Caen. Yes, it's in an orange juice bottle because it's home brew. Made from apples apparently, and about 70% proof ( though they "mature" it and bring it down to 50% ) Forget the french name of it unfortunately, but it's like drinking rocket fuel to too much of this one for me.


I got to enjoy the way the French do coffee. Short sharp shots of the stuff.


Jim Mahfood insisted on being in this one.







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