Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh Look, Comics... Wormwood is Back

Yeah, apart from being on airplanes and in various countries for the last month or so ( with a final week in France coming up in a few days! ) I still find a little time to do comics. Honest. Wormwood: Segue to Destruction ( it's a oneshot paving the way for the next story arc/mini series " Calamari Rising " ) should be out in stores early December ( judging by the IDW Publishing shipping list ).

What does that mean? Well, it means if you want it, and find it hard to find, ask your retailer to order it in for you. With the smaller publishers unfortunately it pays to be proactive, not reactive, as many don't order anything but the latest issues of " The Astounding Big Jumbo Man " and other such things from the big guys.Kick up a fuss and let your local store know you want a book and are willing to pay money if they stock it! Amazingly, at least half should want to actually make their customers happy and make a profit, so it's usually worth a shot.

Here's some pages from it, in no particular order. I think it's my best book yet, if you like such things as the Catholic church, poker, hookers, drugs, fine cigars, biblical armageddon and inappropriate public masturbation.




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