Friday, November 16, 2007

In Country

Ok, made it to France. Only took 20 hours or so! Sadly, Ash Wood couldn't make it. Came down with ebola or something equally as bad from the sound of it, so hope he improves soon. He will be missed here! Ash is big in France, but alas some things are unavoidable.

Everything is super nice thus far, and they have already plied me with wine and Belgian beer and I've not even gone out for the evenings events...

Thus, when I recover, tomorrow morning or tonight I shall update the blog with some images and what not.

BTW, did I mention how awesome it is to be a citizen of the EU? Kicks arse it does. Just zip on through with my passport and nothing else and they let you in, easy as pie. Unlike the prisoner experience at LAX! ( Or even Australia )

Aaaah, days like these I appreciate being a dual national, yessiree.

Drink now.

More later.

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