Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ma Finale De la France

Last night was in Paris, and I head on down to one of the best stores I've seen, Album. If you're ever in Paris, check them out. Geek heaven. They're a pro operation and some of the nicest people work there! ( Hello Jeanne and big Dav! )



I signed and sketched from 3pm to 8pm, and these photos might make it seem there was no one there...I was told the store cleared out for my signing and they made everyone line up outside and only let them in one by one! At least it wasn't too cold. Only did about 20-25 sketches this time. Turnout probably would have been higher but the strikes means not many people were out that day. Ah well.



Last but not least, Album are now one of the few stores in the world with a limited supply of the new mini artbook, Poppycock. I'll probably have some for sale online in the future, but for now, they're going to be hard to get. There's only 250 of them anyway.


After that, it's time to have a good night on the booze. Champagne in particular, with an ol buddy Arni, his lady and the crazy Jeanne ( good crazy, not bad crazy ) and big Dav. You can't beat drinking in a nice bar in Paris with soft porn playing for no apparent reason on the plasma screen next to you. Sure makes for good conversation.

The next day I did a bunch of French media including a few TV channels ( for the movie I guess but it was great, they actually loved talking about the comics just as different from the singular focus of the anglo-american media! ) 30 Days of Night will be out there in January unfortunately...ages away.

All up, had a blast. Seriously thinking France might be a place to live in for awhile in the future at some point, who knows! Once you get over the language thing, the French are as as warm and friendly as Americans ( who previously I thought were the friendliest of people I've ever met ) Maybe I just got lucky, so will have to go back to confirm sometime.

There are some perks to doing comicbooks for a living I tell you. Makes the long nights at the drawing desk worth it sometimes.

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