Saturday, February 19, 2011

Commissions and San Francisco!

Yup, I'll be up in San Francisco, most importantly doing this live art thing for the Noisepop Festival with DJ Samsupa and ALSO... this here thing below for ISOTOPE COMICS, only the best store I've basically ever been to.

This year, I *won't* be at WONDERCON sadly ( I'll be on another continent instead ) so if anyone wanted a commission off me, I'm taking some in advance of the SF trip and can deal with them at the Isotope event, where I'll be chatting/sketching/drinking the whole time. I'll also have a very limited number of SQUIDGIRLS: EROTICA TENTACULA on hand, for personalizations and sketchings in. This'll probably be the only time I'll be up to SF for the foreseeable, so come on out and see how great sequential art and the people who love it can be.

Details for commissions and such can be located here and drop me a note about what you want at bentemplesmith @ I really need to consolidate lots of info into something manageable, I know. When I eventually get time to breathe...


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