Tuesday, January 04, 2011

CHOKER 5 is almost here

Image have a large preview up so go check it out!

Yeah yeah, I know the book has slipped... it's been the bane of my existence in 2010, constantly on my mind, constantly *almost* done, just with other crap coming up that pushed it back just a little further. Ben should have #6 script finished soon so I can get cracking on the last issue hopefully and then it's going to make a mighty fine TPB. It'll be big too. I usually only stick to 4 issue miniseries, because a 6 month slog is a lot more draining than only a 3rd of the year commitment... and I've set myself the goal of 3 miniseries this year, plus some smaller projects. ( So at least 10 issues worth of stuff, plus if all goes well, a whole bunch of paintings for things. )

Just need to get settled, get contented and get focused on working again. Huzzah!


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Anonymous said...

It's too bad about the delays but i've been loving the book and can't wait to see the last issue!