Wednesday, June 04, 2008


While I was trying to get some brief downtime after BEA, I managed to crack open my special DVD of Jumpers and see if Hayden Christensen could act. He's not as wooden as he was in Star Wars sure, but he still gave me splinters.

What kind of got me most though was the making of doco, where Doug Liman explains he likes taking books ( etc ) to adapt to film, where the first thing he does is "rip their guts out" and mess with it completely. Brilliant. Just what you want a guy to do when adapting a work ( Jumpers was based on a book ).

I dunno, there's merits to reworking something for film, I always considered the movie 30 Days of Night to be a completely separate beast to the comic, but to hear a guy express such glee that he completely guts the original work he's turning to a film was a bit...unsettling.

Tomorrow...some Welcome to Hoxford interiors. ( or at least real sneak peaks at some. )

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Steven Perkins said...

Yeah, but directors are artists in their own right, and when they adapt something, it seems within their artistic rights to mold and shape the work being adapted to fit their artistic vision for the finished film. I think the "taking glee" part is just the director taking pride in being an artist. Stanley Kubrick is famous for using books as source material for his own works... and we all know how his films turned out (specifically the Shining, which he altered from the source material so much that it upset Stephen King)... but then again, there's a world of difference between Doug Liman and Stanley Kubrick :-)