Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'm All French And Stuff

I'm All French And Stuff

Hope it goes well. If you're in Paris drop on by! Contrary to what many believe, I don't "paint on computer" at all. Come see the originals before they hit photoshop. This will be a pretty big retrospective of my work. Pretty much all the best stuff I've still got. Over 100 art pieces including FELL, WORMWOOD, WELCOME TO HOXFORD and oh yes, some 30 DAYS OF NIGHT ( But only RED SNOW, since the older stuff isn't fit for exhibiting I think )

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Nao said...

I'm gutted, I have to leave Paris on the 17th :(
But hopefully I'll see you at the Album bookstore (at least I hope I could, any idea of the time you'll be there?)
Have a good time in France!