Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm on French bloody TV!

I'm on French TV.( France 24, their culture show ) Arsing it up & yapping comics & horror.

Way better than the Fox "news' bit I did a few years ago. Their studio was third world compared to the French one & they were completely disorganized. France 24, by comparison was slick, ran smoothly and the set/studio was state of the art. Was awesome. Skynet controlled the entire studio, all cameras were handled from some room elsewhere in the building.

And apparently we shared the green room with one of the biggest musicians in France... but he's unknown in english so, he was just another hobo looking guy to me. Forget his name anyway. Ah well.

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Wilson said...

I was surprised when the lady commented how the artwork is 'dark'. But then again I guess as a fan of your comics, you get used to the whole 'dark' angle pretty quick :D

And you were in your spiffy suit! :) For a first timer, they'd assume that you dressed up for the interview, but fans know better :D

Good interview.