Wednesday, December 09, 2009

CHOKER Previews

CHOKER Previews

CHOKER Previews

CHOKER Previews

I was severely humbled when I realized how much space Image had given Ben McCool and I for CHOKER's debut issue. 6 bloody pages! Huge thanks to Eric, Joe and the gang for the opening promo kick start there.

I've been a bit ill since I got back from the UK, this bastard virus will not die, but I got a copy of Previews while over there and took some quick snaps. Basically, you can go to your friendly retailer type person and show them this stuff ( I'm sure they'll see it anyway ) and tell them you'd like to make sure you get a copy reserved for your good self ( if so inclined ) and that the order code they need to use is: DEC090342

And then, magically in February, you will have one in your hot little hands. Promise.

Yeah, you gotta harp on this stuff now as it's the time to order the damn thing and I do like to pay rent, feed my kitties and such mundane things.

Baroness Previews

I've also got a G.I. Joe Baroness one-shot, look for it out in Feb from IDW! Written by Marc Andreyko. Since it's G.I Joe, it pretty much orders itself really. Hope I did decent by the Franchise. Apparently Hasbro really dig it because it's a little different.

POPGUN ANTHOLOGY cover progressions

Not to mention of course, The Popgun Anthology #4...yeah, looks like February is kinda Templesmith month. Didn't plan it that way, honest! Most importantly, it's order code is: DEC09 0379 This code gives you much powah with which you can order it. Definitely check the Popgun link for a whole swag of info on the book.

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