Tuesday, December 22, 2009


2 things happening this week. One of them is important. Guess which. Oh, go on.

Wormwood. Now on Sony PSP! Huzzah!

Ok, the kind folks over at Sony have decided Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse kicks much arse and are severely promoting the fact that, along with IDW Publishing Wormwood is now available digitally for their PSP! Not only that, but there's bonus odd audio commentary from me as you go through it, as an added option. I just did it up as an added little extra and it should be on all issues, still all for only $0.99. A nice, cheap digital alternative if you still can't find/never picked up the physical books ( though they are now, after far too long, back in print while stocks last and you can grab them all here if they still tickle your fancy )


The second thing, obviously, is MERRY SQUIDMAS. And yes, to all the other minor religions of the world I also say HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I'll simply urge you to come over to the Squid. We have tea and brownies too. Plus, Santa shed his blood so that you have something to unwrap this Squidmas day. Please remember that.

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