Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doctor Who & Welcome to Hoxford...

No, not together exactly. That would be...odd and disturbing.

This has gone live now, so guess I can show.

Doctor Who: The Forgotten 6 of 6 cover

Doctor Who original art

Yup, I got to do a doctor who cover to the mini "The Forgotten" by Tony Lee and Pia Guerra from IDW. With luck, we'll see if I get to do any more sometime soon. I loves me some Doctor Who.

As you can see from the original, I faded some actual photos of the characters back in on the final and Tenants facial expression changed during the approval process.


Welcome to Hoxford #3

Welcome to Hoxford #3

Welcome to Hoxford #3 Is out today in all good comic stores. Thanks again for the support you guys ( and gals ) have given the miniseries. Truly been amazed at how successful it's been thus far sales wise and the generally nice reviews.

This issue, things start to get a little...nasty.

If you can't find this issue or the previous 2 either, they're basically sold out now, so stores may not be able to restock. Unless you want to wait ages for the TPB version, your best bet to get copies may be at the IDW Publishing store here:


Kainenchen said...

I would dearly love to see that crossover. Dearly.

Dan said...

That Doctor Who cover looks excellent Ben!

Here's hoping you get to do more Doctor Who stuff soon.

It's also printed in the guide for next weekend's London Expo.

Regarding the London Expo, are you attending both days?