Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doctor Who: The Whispering Gallery Interiors

Just got approval to show some stuff! So here's some various interior/working shots of a couple pages.

Leah Moore and John Reppion are writing it, I'm drawing the thing. A one-shot comic from IDW Publishing. Would make a cool tv episode if it weren't a comic.

Since it's damn hard to get things from the smaller publishers, if you want the book you may have to get your retailer to order it in specifically for you. If you still want one, it may not magically appear on the shelf, especially not in these tougher times. So you have to go tell your retailer you actually *do* want a copy and to make sure they get one for you.

Tell em it's Previews catalog order number is: DEC084084 and tell them you know some Daleks with abnormally sized genocidal plunger weapons...

You can also find an interview with Leah and John talking all things Who here. Check it out.

Doctor Who page 01

Doctor Who page 01

Doctor Who page 01

Doctor Who page 04


Edward Kaye said...

I'm loving the art Ben! I can't wait to see this one on the stands. I haven't really watched any of the new Doctor Who TV series, but IDW's comic line is really bloody good!

RJC said...

That bottom middle frame on the last page NAILS David Tennant's kooky eyebrow stuff perfectly. Looks great!

arni beck said...

I think I need to polish off the old credit card for a trip to your art seller...

Really looking forward to it.

Freak ;)


Rebecca MacPherson said...

Definitely picking this one up!

Kristian said...

Hey Ben.
Great work. Looking forward to the book. Any chance of more Who, or will you have shot your whoload once this is done?
Just a thought that suddenly sparked up as you and Louis (from podshock) are two of the twitterers that pop up most offen in my feeds, but you might want to see if you can get yourself on podshock, and/or the dwo whocast etc. Very nice guys, and I'm sure they'd love to talk to you. They all have 1000s of Who fanatics listening... although they might be the same 1000, so your milage may vary.

Unknown said...

Bought the book and your art really suits the story well! I love how you go from almost stick figures to realistically painted faces! that is awesome!
Any more Doctor-related stuff soon?

Templesmith said...

Cheers guys.

Kristian- Guess who will be on Podshock sometime. ;) Did a thing with Louis when I was out at the New York Con.

Bern- Sadly no more Dr Who planned for me for awhile, except maybe some covers. Dr Who/likeness interiors are a lot more work for me generally. Fast approaching burnout here and need a rest!