Sunday, October 18, 2009

Next stop, London

Are you in London? My next convention appearance will be my second time at the rather grand, MCM Expo, this October 24th and 25th. Come on down. I'll be there on the con floor hopefully full time, both days and yes, I'll be doing commissions and have some original art and prints to flog if you're so inclined.

Yup, I do full on painted watercolour commissions, anything you like ( well almost ) with the exchange rate the way it is these days, for £90 for small ( A4 size ) and £150 for large ( The US version of A3 ) with time given, I won't be able to get too too many so you might want to reserve a spot. ( You can always email ahead of time: )

Of course, if you just have books or stuff to sign, I happily do quick sketches for free. I'll be at table C25.

This should be the floor plan below, showing exactly where you can find me amongst some of the royalty, nay, the ubermensch of British comics. ( ok maybe that's going a bit far but you get the idea. )

MCM Expo comics floor plan, where I'll be!

Not only that, but I'll be doing some specific signings in the main area with frequent partner in crime/friendly email naggerer of Wasteland covers I am always late on... Antony Johnston. Saturday: 12pm-12:20pm and Sunday 3:40pm-4pm

And if you miss me in London, I'll be back extensively next month, in Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and again London for a couple special things.You'll be bloody sick of me soon.£

Sadly, I think my camera kicked the bucket in Brazil, though I took a bunch on my iPhone, I've yet to get a proper cable to connect to the laptop ( I forgot to bring my charger/connector on my travels damn it, ) so the last pics will have to wait awhile. Had an amazing time and definitely want to go back. Felt a lot like a French festival, with it's openness and community support. Great stuff.

Lastly, here's my version of that Wolverine you might remember I posted up as line art a few weeks ago. I'm probably going to ebay the original painted version ( and a colour artproof I'm sure ) next week to help raise money for, what else, to help a friend out with yet another insanely stupid American health insurance bill because their system is horribly broken. So look out for it next week when I give a plug to a worthy cause. ( And if you're in the US, do yourself a favour and never vote for politicians who support anything but some form of strong viable public option for all, it's what the rest of the civilized world has and it works. ) You should never have to worry about bills just because you're sick. Just worry about getting better.

And thanks to everyone who took a stab at colouring the basic linework for the image I put up too! Some amazing talents who showed me or posted their work. Cheers guys.

Wolverine paintWolverine final


Now back to work.


Krizbo said...

Hey! I've just seen the "competition"! There is my version:

Olly James said...

Hey Ben,

I'm going to be at the Comic Con in Leeds, Was just wondering if your going to be available for signings/commissions?
Also which Convention is the Second London 1???


Marcus de Carabas said...

Hi Ben,

Was great to see you at the London Expo. Quite inspiring to be situated two table away. All the best with your commissions - I remember you trying to finish them at the table (and me getting stuff signed probably didn't help much)

Thanks again for the prints. They rock. And the various signings


Marcus Hurley (long coat guy...who isn't morpheus)