Friday, March 12, 2010


Am in Seattle for the ECCC! As is Ben McCool!

2 days of madness this weekend no doubt. I'll have an artists table, should have a bit red "T" banner bloody thing. Doing commissions, selling original art ( Got some CHOKER, WORMWOOD and a little GI Joe with me I think ) as well as limited edition prints of a few things.

Commissions are all in pen, ink, watercolour painted grey tones...maybe with some spot colour if it's going to look good. First come first served really. I can probably get through a few over 2 days. Small ( letter sized ) are $150 and larger 11x14 ( or 17, I forget which I've got on me right now ) are $250

Prints are $30

Quick sketches are as usual, absolutely free but you really put a smile on my face if it's done in one of my books or you at least have a book or something to have signed. ;)

And obviously, there's a con EXCLUSIVE CHOKER #1 cover...which should be below. I hear there's only 500 of these suckers or so.

Besides me, the con has a great bunch of guests, rather impressive list really. Big ones for me are Darick Robertson, who's works I grew up with, and want to meet Barry Kitson! The Brit brigade really are in attendance too, with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. I love the Brits since they can hold their liquor and conquer a quarter of the globe before it's time for tea.



CHUNK said...

I need that CHOKER cover!

Nate Simpson said...

I'll keep an eye out for the red T tomorrow.

Nate Simpson said...

I like how you've appropriated a whole letter of the alphabet and made it your logo. Anybody else whose name starts with a T is shit out of luck tomorrow.

See you there!

------ said...

Oh you genius, you. *claws at the air*