Tuesday, July 06, 2010

DRACULA Original Cover

DRACULA Original Cover

I did another of those "Draw your own cover" books between CHOKER pages and about a thousand other things. ( I still have a couple of these things left, plus a few other titles that may make an appearance someday. For now, this Dracula is up on Ebay.

These books are probably some of the most fun things I get to do, since they're quick, easy warm ups and let's face it, I won't be doing *actual* covers for most of the classics in the Penguin line any time soon.

DRACULA Original Cover

DRACULA Original Cover


Ground Up Comix said...

The copyright on Dracula I assume is over. You could totally print up your own copies. With your cover!

Templesmith said...

I can do Dracula images as much as I like, I know that... but I'm not about to get entire books done up as I just did a Bram Stoker's Dracula *for print* that way last year.

Sadegh Mollaie said...

hey man you have a good style of paiting ...thank you !!!