Thursday, December 20, 2007

Signed Comics! ( At ComicZone )

Yep, since Wormwood: Segue to Destruction is now out, ComicZone now have every single copy of it, plus a bunch of other books of mine they got in, signed. So if you want one at no extra cost, there's your place to get em. ComicZone are at 572 Hay Street, Perth, WA. ( That's Australia unfortunately for you peeps who think it's in Washington )



Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

So I am flying over to Perth this weekend for a job interview (video game designer) and I asked the guys flying me out if there were any other comic book geeks in the office and if so could they point out some comic shops. Comic Zone is the one they recommended. I was trying to find if they had a website and stumbled onto your blog here. I can't say I am a BIG fan, but I'm not one of your 'haters' either and do have a number of your books. I do really like Fell and wish you guys would get the lead out.

So anyway, anything about Perth I should know about? I am a yank, but have been living in Brisbane for the last 4 years.

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Templesmith said...

Perth is basically a small country town that tries to think it's a city. If you're a fan of hot weather and doing outdoors stuff you should like it. Otherwise, we have Victorian era retail trading hours ( the queen, not the state )...soaring rents and house prices higher than Sydney ( except it's not Sydney ) Also, if you don't have air conditioning, you will die. Trust me on this.

Perth is a booming city ( over 7% growth ) thanks to sellnig all our dirt to China, unfortunately this means everything is now at capacity. You'll probably be able to tell by the dilapidated tiny domestic airport we long outgrew, yet there's no real plans to either fix it up or build a modern one. Same with the international. Kinda the story of the whole place. Sure it's changing, but it's all about a decade behind actually being able to compare to say Melbourne, Sydney or Brissy. Sure we're a bit smaller but not that small. Isolation and distance is also the killer. Lots and lots of immigrants from other places ( aussie and international ) though.

The good thing is it's only 4 and a half hours to Singapore, and thus the rest of Asia on cheap Tiger air flights if that's your thing. Perth often gets called "Dullsville"... can't say I just misses a "heart" to it other places I've been to seem to have. There is some nightlife though. We're not Adelaide. ;)

So good luck with Perth, you might dig it, you might not. I'm speaking with my feet and leaving, as if I want to pay high rents or living costs of a major city, well, I'll chose to live in one. Maybe I'm just sick of being so far away from the rest of the world. Perth is often ignored by the rest of the country.

I hope they're paying you a lot. I know Brissy is pretty high right now, Perth is possibly higher.

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Thanks for the info. The guys at Comic Zone did say that you were escaping.

So far it looks like Perth is still a tab bit cheaper than Brisbane as far as renting goes. The weather (read as "hell like heat") isn't so much of a problem as I lived in Vegas for over 2o years before moving down under; though AC, "ducked AC" as I believe the aussies call it, is not just standard but assumed.

Oh, I got the latest Fell in last week's shipment so thanks for that. All this time complaining about late books, if only I had known that all I had to do was bug the artist on his blog. Go figure.

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