Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One more Wasteland cover...

Well, just for the time being. This one is for issue 20!

for those who check out my livejournal ( as opposed to blogger or myspace or actually reading this on my main website ) I've disabled ( I hope! ) the loudtwitter feed as if I post too much on twitter ( yes, you can follow my daily ranting/happenings as I work via: if so inclined ) it can get a bit overwhelming and muffle the actual posts. So will keep the blogs strictly for err, bloggings from now on.

Work deadlines currently killing me, though caffeine is my friend. My bestest bestest friend. More images soon, just wish I could post substantially what I actually for the most part *am* working on, but that'd spill the beans too soon...but snippets will come shortly when I can. Welcome to Hoxford should have some stuff worth showing in the coming days.

Gene Simmons is apparently appearing at a 7/11 two doors down from my house. With what appear to be a compliment of Swiss milk maids. I'm not sure why...

Wasteland 20

Ok, one final last, final Wasteland image for now. Issue 19.


1 comment:

Jourdan said...

Apparently Gene's hocking an energy drink.

Not sure if that makes it any less disturbing.