Thursday, May 08, 2008

Signed Comics. Sold Out Comics.

Since I'm now based at IDW Publishing global headquarters, if you happen to order any book I've done off the IDW Publishing online store, from now on they should now come signed by me as well for no extra charge.

And damn, thanks to all who are picking my stuff up. Wormwood TPB just got another 2 printings. ( One is a special Sci-Fi book club edition, the other is simply because it sold out. ) Wormwood TPB volume 02 is sold out from IDW with only a few hundred left at Diamond. And it's not been out long.


Tommyrot, my art book is also sold out. ( The online store has maybe 4 left ) So it should also see a new printing shortly.

Doing a lot of stuff right now I'm excited as hell about, but alas, can't say or show what they are. Yet.

Will show some more Welcome to Hoxford stuff shortly. The rare luxury I have of having a little more time from the start of this one means I have a chance to do up decent cover work and promo stuff ( well at least to my mind! )


valium said...

hi !! are you still gonna make a second edition of tommyrot ?? I won't let it go away this time !! XD

Templesmith said...

Yes there should be a new printing of it sooooon. I'll blog about it for sure.