Sunday, May 25, 2008

WELCOME TO HOXFORD! Print this out...

A high rez jpeg of a promo poster ( click for the largest sized version ) with the info you'll need to make sure your retailer can order in copies of WELCOME TO HOXFORD #1.

Print this sucker out if you want, give it to your comic store & tell them you want this book, or hell, stick it on your bathroom door or anywhere you like!

Don't trust that the book will magically appear on the shelves, because unless it's ordered in, it may not be!


I'm trying not to give the whole shebang away in one go, but there's a bunch of stuff in the book, from naked ancient old men, cannibals and prison shower scenes to beastiality necrophilia.

And that's before there's any monstery stuff, but yeah, there'll be a bit of that.

WELCOME TO HOXFORD! Print this out...

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