Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sydney Supanova Popculture Expo

So I've been out and about flying down to Sydney and across to Perth for the series of cons that are called Supanova Popculture Expos. Sydney was a blast. Thanks to all who came out and said hi, and the organizers for making it a fun time. Smoothest run thing I've ever seen. They really take care of the guests. This was what it looked like before the masses were allowed entry.

Sydney Supanova comic con event

Much drinking and eating was also done.

Joe Jusko

Joe Jusko is very awesome. Don't let anyone tell you different. Plus, he's an excellent painter.

I'll have the Jellyfish and Pigs trotter...

I'll have the Jellyfish and Pigs trotter...

Fried Pigeon

Fried Pigeon. And it was good.

The boys.

Jason Chatfield ( who draws the longest running comic strip in Australia, Ginger Meggs ) Tim McEwan and some tosser on the far right.


Wolloomalooloorooboo. I had one of the best meals of my life here at the wharf.

Sydney on the water

Bonus points to Sydney for having a real CBD, purposeful landscape and design of it's city to make it look pretty. I wish Perth did the same. maybe it'll get it's act together in a decade or so. Things *are* changing in my home city.

Joe Jusko. With Alcohol.

Joe Jusko. With Alcohol. He comes prepared.

Hotel room podcast

Hotel room podcasting with the convention peeps. With plenty of alcohol. I will link the end result later.

How not to do check in, by QANTAS

And now off to the Perth convention over the weekend.


Joe Jusko said...

I had the greatest friggin' time down there! You're a cool dude, Templesmith, no matter WHAT people say about you.

Templesmith said...

Aww, that means a lot man, *especially* considering "what people say about me" is usually completely true! Especially the baby eating bit. Just can't go past that taste. It's like Veal but better!

Joe Jusko said...

And you can get rid of the leftovers in one of those cyclonic Aussie toilets you guys have down there! :-)