Monday, September 08, 2008

The Verdicts are in.

And so far people seem to like Welcome to Hoxford. Cheers to all who were kind enough to review it or write a few words, good or bad. I don't live my life by reviews ( if you want to believe the good ones, you have to also embrace the bad ones ) but thought I'd show the diverse range of opinion out there.


"This is the first time I’ve read anything written by Templesmith and I was not disappointed. The book seems like a demented version of Oz."

Neorama Entertainment

"Ben Templesmith has a frighteningly direct connection to the mind of bad men, something he uses to good effect in the twisted, darkly funny and definitely creepy Welcome to Hoxford."

"This is not a book for everyone. It is a book for me, though. Ben Templesmith may be a genius. Or maybe a savant. I'm not sure, after following him on Twitter for a while. Either way, I loved this book. I loved the use of color, the use of shadow, and the multimedia approach that provides the finishing touches to some of the most liberated and explosive pen and ink work in comics today."

"This has the makings of being up there with the best high concept mash-ups in comic form. Templesmith keeps the language gritty, the story repulsive and the art is a brilliant blend of photo-realism and celebratory gore."

"The book is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of Fell. I feel like it’s a bizarre and twisted version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and I love it."

James Ferguson,

"Templesmith's characters are almost universally grotesque inside and out. All of the prisoners are monsters, and the guards are even worse"

"As expected, the series is gory and bloody, and certainly will not disappoint those Templesmith fans who are looking for such things from his artwork. I count myself among them, but Welcome to Hoxford is much more. The back-story and mystery set up a much more compelling atmosphere than the action oriented 30 Days of Night."

"There are very few comics that manage to get me to do a gag reflex but…Welcome to Hoxford does just that

That sounds really bad…..but really it’s a compliment."

"This was an excellent opening issue of a new series from Ben. As a fan of his art style the book was also great to look at and his art continues to be refined and improved"

Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales

The Stack

"You might be familiar with Ben Templesmith as an artist on Fell, 30 Days of Night, and Criminal Macabre.... Or even as an writer/artist of Wormwood The Gentleman Corpse. I also like to think of him as one fo the ones responsible for bringing back horror to comics. And he's done it again with this title."

"All told, this is a fantastic first issue of what I hope is one messed up series. The mystery and apprehension is killing me! I can't wait until next month."

Diary of a Grognerd

"But Templesmith has never failed to entertain me with his art, from books like 30 DAYS OF NIGHT to his own property that he writes and draws in WORMWOOD: GEMTLEMAN CORPSE. This seems to have a much more serious tone than WORMWOOD and Templesmith gives promise of something truly horrific looming in the darkness"

"While getting past the confines of the now completely mislabeled format or approaching the more apt “graphic novel", to call Welcome to Hoxford a comic book is like calling Eli Roth’s Hostel a travel video."

"The set up is in place. Now let’s get to the story, and let’s get nuts. (No pun intended.)"

"Steve Niles has developed a strong reputation as the top dog in horror comics in the industry today, but helping him develop that rep all along was his 30 Days of Night collaborator, artist Ben Templesmith. The artist has demonstrated that he’s no slouch when it comes to horror writing as well with such projects as Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse and 30 Days of Night: Red Snow. As if the strength of those projects weren’t enough evidence of his skill as a writer/artist, along comes Welcome to Hoxford. "

"Templesmith does an amazing job in introducing us to the characters without sacrificing the story. In only a few panels, I was able to get an accurate feel for each of the major characters, and that is really the basis for effective storytelling in comic books. The fact that the rest of the story was as intriguing as it was shot this issue through the stratosphere."


James Ferguson said...

Thanks for the link! I really dug the book and I can't wait for the next issue. I unfortunately couldn't think of anything to take a photo of in time to enter the contest for the signed copy.

Templesmith said...

Aww, too bad, but thanks for the coverage of my little book, ( not just the fact you liked it, but the fact you reviewed it in the first place in this time of massive crossover special events from the big mainstream books )

James Ferguson said...

No problem at all. I've been getting more and more into "little" books like Hoxford. The giant crossover books right now just aren't doing it for me.

Have you done any interviews about the book? Would you be interested in doing one?