Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Have I posted the covers+info for Hoxford #4 yet? If not, well it's all below. Hope you dig.

So far, Welcome to Hoxford has been fantastic, thanks in large part to support of IDW and the retailers, ( who I'll be in Vegas next week to thank in person! ). So many, many thanks to you all, and of course the readers themselves. Everyone seems to have been digging the first issue, which is a relief, since I was a bit of a tease with it...The numbers are definitely up on the last "me" project- Wormwood: Calamari Rising. So I guess that's a good thing!

If you've missed #1 there's scant copies left at the distributor level now, despite a significant overprinting, so you'll have "wait for the trade" perhaps if you want the full story soon. Never fear though, there will *be* a trade. It won't be too long in coming.



Comic Summary: Ben Templesmith (w & a & c) The politics of the Pack are becoming a problem as the Werewolves continue to pick off what's left of the surviving inmates. Ray and Doctor Ainley are giving as good as they get in a desperate bid to retrieve the master keys to Hoxford. Meanwhile, the Warden makes his move and sides must be taken. Ultimately, the question remains: whose side is Ray on?

And once again, you quite possibly won't find this book in your local comic book store unless you ask for it. You can even give them the ordering code they'd need to get it in for you. Which is: SEP084111 or SEP084112 for the special cover version.

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