Friday, December 12, 2008

George W. Bush

George W. Bush

Because NO ONE demanded it ( well maybe the 16% or so who still think he's doing a good job )...I give you, George Bush Jr. Possibly one of the worst Presidents. (Certainly he's right up there with Harding etc ) I had a tough time being impartial with him, and not because he's quite loathed throughout much of the world and quite a bit domestically in the US too.... I mean, what could I put in the background as events during his presidency...?

No one can argue that 9/11, The Iraq and Afghan invasions, Katrina, the financial meltdown and current economic crisis all didn't happen on his watch. I tried looking for something positive, there really just wasn't anything easily illustrated that could be done! So I hope people don't see his entry in the book as attacking him. I'm not. I tried to stick to factual events that are undeniable, good or bad.

Let your retailer/book store know "PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES" has a diamond order code of: NOV084121 or that it's ISBN number is: 1600103448 if you actually want a copy to come in. You have to be proactive with these sorts of books or it'll never even make it to many stores for you to look through!

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Hope you dig them.

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