Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Groom Lake #3

Groom Lake #3

To celebrate Groom Lake #2 coming out today, here's what to look for with #3 next month. Don't think I blogged it before. ( The other ones, though, I did a step by step, check the earlier blog postings )

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Krizbo said...

Hy! I'm Krizbo, from hungary. I'm a huge fan of you! I started drawing things couple of years ago, but when i started to post process my works whit computer, the main example was your post processing method!
I just finished the high school. This was the end of a (too) long period of my life. Because of this, i made an image from one of my theachers, whit your fantastic style! Ofcourse i'm not good at you, but i'm try to.
In now days, i try to find my own stlye, your work is a huge inspiration for me, so thanks for this!
There is links, to my works. The firs one, is the image, from my teacher.

ps.:sorry about my horrible english