Thursday, September 17, 2009



The early stages of a Wolverine I felt the need to do up as some paint was drying. Always got to have a little release & see where the muse takes you when you're stuck doing other art you're already wanting to move on from...or just not do more of, for the night. Alas, deadlines mean you have to keep going but a little diversion never hurts to keep the sanity.

Will update this piece as I go. I think I've done 3 Wolverine images in my entire life.

Studio last night.

Controlled chaos but all the vital ingredients are there. The primordial soup if you will, from whence the art shall arise. All I need to do is add...something...& since I'm one of those evil evolution follower types, lets not say divine intervention, let's just call it a chemical reaction from my brain to my hand to the pen/brush/mouse/keyboard eh?

All hail the coffee lid.

Never underestimate a coffee lid. It's how I am helping save the planet. The good ones make excellent palettes. The current ones I use have pretty much lasted over a year or two. Plus, they're easy to travel with, just fits right into my little art case.

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Mario Arroyo said...

Hey it looks nasty!!!...i can´t wait to see it finished.