Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Welcome to Hoxford teaser trailer

This comes courtesy of the uber talented Freshoil. Whetted my appetite for more stuff like this I think. ( Though not whole comics I think, which would stop them being comics & make them something else. ) If you can't see it just go here directly.

Incidentally, if you've never read Welcome to Hoxford, you can find it here with a rather large discount!

And yeah, I've been a lazy bugger & not posted too much lately. I need to. I shall soon! I'm off to London again next week though.


Isaac Lenkiewicz said...

Cool, yeah I like your stuff when it's animated :)

You're gonna be at thought bubble in leeds too eh?

Templesmith said...

Indeed I am sir. Indeed I am.

Conor said...

Excellent trailer. I grabbed a copy of Welcome To Hoxford from Forbidden Planet a few months ago following your work on Hellspawn and absolutely love it. Carry on! Oh and where/when are you in London next week?