Saturday, November 28, 2009

Want CHOKER? Print this here thingy.

Want CHOKER? Print this here thingy.

...or do whatever else you want to it really. The best way to get CHOKER is to ask your nice local comic store type person to "Please put me down for a copy of CHOKER #1 from Image Comics. I have heard this comic actually cures cancer, turns water into wine & can beat a chess grandmaster in 3 moves while toilet training a small effeminate dog. The order code is:


This is what your friendly, most awesome retailer type person will need to know to note down which book to actually order for this month. You order it this month, when it's available, then magically, pixies deliver it to you sometime in February. It's weird how it works, but the pixies apparently run a fairly tight ship.

So, anyway, to make it easier, print this out, give it to them. Hell, maybe print a few out if you like. This all might make it a little easier to get a copy when it hits, into your hot little hands. You see, unless they know people want one, many places may not order a copy, or order enough, since I'm not exactly the same as "huge superhero icon comic X" which is guaranteed to be ordered at least a bit. So if you want it, speak up!

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