Monday, February 08, 2010

GI Joe: Baroness Cover

GI Joe: Baroness ink work
GI Joe: Baroness Paint/wash
GI Joe: Baroness

One of the covers for the GI Joe Origins #12 book I did with Marc Andreyko. Actually, this one wasn't ever meant to be a cover, just a mess around piece. Kinda funny how much rage & bile I can bring out in some traditionalist fans, unused to more stylized art. You'd swear I beat up their grandmothers or something, the way a few have taken it. Reminds me just how much of a lightening rod I can be to the hardcores. Interesting stuff to me. Personally, I've had a lot more feedback than usual and all of it positive on the book myself. Was fun to do something a little different and change things up a little. Never been a fan of standing still. I'm hearing the book is selling out in a bunch of places.

Just been thinking about such things lately. A twitter convo the other night, where apparently an artist gave up their craft because of lots of negative criticisms saddened me greatly. No one should stop doing what they love because of other's negativity. We're not all going to be Da Vinci, but that's life really. I got used to some rather personal attacks at times...about my art style and look, long ago. Since then, those people either dropped off or converted and many more decided to dig my work, meaning I can keep assaulting your eyes with my filthy stuff, for which I'll always be insanely grateful! Cheers to all who picked up the Origins book and dug it.

You know, I have no idea why the gun sight is upside down either. I swear it was that way on the ref I used at the time but it still makes no sense.


KentL said...

Been a G.I. Joe fan since I was a kid, and I absolutely love this! Looking forward to your issue.

JM Stump said...

I got to read this issue over the weekend and the Art was awesome. I liked how your take on The Baroness wasn't the same voluptuous completely sure of her self woman, going along with the Origins title.

kurios said...

I loved the way you portrayed her in the comic. There were a lot of nuanced expressions and body movements that really defined your take on her young personality. Really great job.