Tuesday, June 01, 2010



The final big one before San Diego... and I'll at last be in one place for a bit after this!

I don't think I get down to the South of the US that much, ( Apparently Texas doesn't count since I've been there an insane amount recently! ) so now's your chance to have a chat, if you guys can make it up Charlotte way. Am told by all that Heroes con is the place to be. Find all the info you need here.

I'll also be doing this panel at HeroesCon:

Saturday- 4:30pm
IN CONVERSATION | Ben Templesmith & Guy Davis:
Monsters & The Macabre In Comics
Room 209
Ben Templesmith (Choker, Wormwood) and Guy Davis (The Marquis, B.P.R.D.) are two of the most recognizable names in comics, as well as two of the most bent. The Comics Reporter's Tom Spurgeon sits down with Ben and Guy to discuss their work, genre comics, and more.

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