Friday, December 10, 2010



If you've not heard me scream it yet, or seem my tweets, I'm actually part of this Comicspipeline thing.

What is it? Well, a bunch of really good and some quite well known comics artist types are doing a sort of private site where we show off exclusive and never to be public images, our process and sneak peeks on new things coming up.

Me? Well if you sign up and check my bit out, you'll see a bunch of original art commissions I'm doing but won't be making public as well as a complete behind the scenes process on a new zombie book I'm putting together. From rough sketches and writings to the final actual book ( if all goes to plan! ) It's a sort of horror comedy thing, tell the story of...

Well, sign up, stick around and find out. I'm a teasing bastard that way.

I do a lot of work in progress type blog entries, and give a lot of content I generate away for free online... I'll still be doing that, but the real good stuff and the more frequent stuff? Well, that's likely to wind up in my pipeline in the future. For a small subscription fee, you can see a whole bunch of us mad buggers doing our artistic thing.

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