Friday, December 24, 2010

Do you have any advice on how to encourage your kids to get into art? You say you got the art gene from you mum & grandfather; did they teach you how to draw/paint, or take you to the gallery?

Well, you can only encourage so much I guess. Either they take to it or they don't, in the end I guess. I was always happy to sit in a corner & get my imagination out onto paper... It was really just something I *had* to do. It came from within.

I'd say just show them fantastic art that enriches their imaginations. That doesn't have to be galleries, it could be as simple as a comic. ( which worked for me) & showing them amazing visual things like dinosaurs & space things. ( which also got me drawing! ) When I said I got the art gene from my grandfather & his daughter, my mother, they didn't teach me, I just knew they had artistic skills above the norm.

Ask me anything. Typing actual english words helps though.


G-man said...

Honestly - Tell them to get a real job. I've illustrated for years and very few people can make a living out of it full time.

It seems to be a career for the bored and wealthy more so then a true career for the average joe.

I think more creatives (Artists & writers) should be honest about the likely hood that others can do things the way they have or are.

celticircle cuisine said...

i was an art always allow access to media whatever it may be...never think beyond the expression...there is no such thing as perfection, we are ruled by 'coloring in the lines'...just allow...there is art everywhere, not just museums and galleries...the world is a study in form, color, content...freedom will allow any person, child or adult, at any age to fine expression and imagination...