Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New York City Comic Convention

New York Comic-Con

I'll be leaving for it tomorrow. I love the cold so shall be freezingmy arse off with a smile on my face.

If you're going and want to drop by and see me there, I should be in artist alley most of the time at a table in section "i" number "0". Is "0" even a number? I guess so. It was a revolutionary concept once upon a time after all.

Anyways, I'll be there most of the time, hawking my wares and possibly my last shreds of dignity also!

Actually, I should have a bunch of original art, sketchbooks and some comics and will be doing some commissions if people want them. $250 for big ones, $150 for smaller ones. All basically pen/ink and watercolour. I have a few people on a list already, but can fit in a few more. Just see me on the day if you want one.

And of course, I'll sign/quick sketch in almost any book or scrap of paper for absolutely nothing. That's really what I'm turning up for, to meet the peeps who buy the books, have a chat and say thanks. I don't make it out to the East Coast often, so it should be fun!

I'm also doing some panels...

Friday at 3:15 in room 1A07, panel room 2 All about IDW and their 10th Anniversary and stuff.

Saturday at 6:30 in Room 1A21 A round table about Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies...gonna be "interesting" that one.

Sunday 11:15am-12:15p 1A06 Storytelling and stuff. Jim Lee will also be on that one. Am quite chuffed/awed/intimidated there.But I love the storytelling process and no one ever asks me about it much!

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