Thursday, March 12, 2009

Groom Lake #2 cover in progress

Here's another peek at how I drunkenly veer from sketch on a piece of paper to a final cover finished on the computer. This one's for Groom Lake #2 by crotch enthusiast, Chris Ryall and I. Like it? Like #1? Then tell your friendly retailer ( and the not so friendly ones too that it's code to get a copy in for you is: MAR094324

Groom Lake #2 cover in progress

Didn't get a shot of the basic sketch/pencils. Here it is with some of the basic line work laid down. If I paint things up I usually don't bother with much in the way of line weights. At this point though I didn't know if this image was going to amount to amount to anything usable.

Groom Lake #2 cover in progress

Laid down some watercolour. This is after a couple passes, letting it dry each time. Think I arsed up the sky.

Groom Lake #2 cover in progress

Adding in some white paint. It's water soluble oils. Just trying to get a feel for what I want.

Groom Lake #2 cover in progress

Fine tuning and adding some details. You can probably tell, I don't give a crap about warping the paper. This is still just a rough thing, I plan on doing more to it once it's scanned in. Never really care about making something look "impressive" as just paint on paper. It's just production to me here.

Groom Lake #2 cover in progress

Add in the elements, especially the sky...darken//lighten bits and add a little airbrush.

Groom Lake #2 cover in progress

Added some washy colours...and of course some smoke, messed with the lighting a little. Whalaaaaah...I liked it enough and so did Mr Ryall, the writer so off to being a cover it goes.


©ynni said...


That's very impressive!

Thanks you for sharing this process with us =) You're doing a mighty good job!

authorgary said...

Enlightening stuff. Fascinating to see how an image develops - in the equivalent of drafts for a writer. Thank you for this.

r1r said...

I am a believer. Thanks to you and Ryan for pushing the initiative. I wish you well and may your earthly successes transcend to our universal consciousness. huh?