Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Groom Lake #1 hits stores today


Well, Groom Lake #1 hits all good comic stores today. ( And if it didn’t ask your retailer why and tell them you’re perhaps willing to kill and eat small children if they don’t use the order code: JAN094293 and get one in for you. Diamond still has plenty copies for just such things currently.) For those of you nice enough to Mr Ryall and I to pick up a copy, hope you dig it! It’s an odd little book, but not as odd as others I’ve done. This one actually has some coherence to it, thanks to Chris’s writing. Hope you’ll be along for the ride with #2!

Just had a review pointed out to me over here.

If you want to get an extra special signed/personalized copy, you can find them on the IDW store here. Since I’m currently in house, all orders of works with my name on it get a complimentary signature/note.

If you did enjoy #1, you can still order #2, incidentally, as IDW have staggered the release to make it easier for retailers to know the response to the initial issue. Often second issues get a huge drop off due to the fact no one even knows if the #1 is any good, ( which is hard enough to gauge support but at least it has a fancy #1 in front of it. )

If you want in on the crotchtasms, let your retailer know the order code: MAR094324

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