Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laughing Ogre, Washington DC/VA Signing

Laughing Ogre Signing

Signed comics at Laughing Ogre!

Cheers to everyone who stopped by! Was great to meet you all. And special thanks to Norah, Gary and the gang for getting me out there in the first place. No only did I get to come out, I got to see a few of the landmarks that, as a foreign type, were rather awesome to view. Was great to see the Whitehouse, the Lincoln memorial, Washington monument and more.

Also, if you couldn't make the signing, never fear, I signed basically every book they have in stock of mine at Laughing Ogre, hopefully available at all 3 of their stores, so check em out.

Next weekend I'll be in Chicago. See the "appearances section" on my actual website for details and I'll blog more about that tomorrow too.

The Whitehouse.


Vietnam Memorial

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